5 Things That I Never Thought to See in a Pharmacy

I have always considered the profession of pharmacist as one of the most important in society. Their work is fundamental and pharmacies are, for many citizens, the first place to go when they have a health problem. However in recent times I have observed how many pharmacies (not all) are betting on a series of products that I do not like at all and that not only have not shown any effectiveness but, in some cases, can send the wrong message to the citizen or even put your health at risk.

In today’s post I am going to show you some of those products that, although I suppose they will be legal, it pisses me off to see in a pharmacy.

  1. Homeopathic flu vaccine.

What is this? What are we playing? A homeopathic vaccine? I have always said that the best thing that can happen to you with homeopathy is that you cheat … and the worst that, in addition to cheating, will cause you a health problem. Well, there are many people who, because they are risk groups, need to be vaccinated against the flu. Can you imagine what can happen if these people see “this” in a pharmacy, they take it, and believing they are vaccinated, they stop getting vaccinated? Send eggs

  1. Genocosmetics

The issue of the properties of cosmetic products has gotten out of hand. Although the “Regulation (EU) No 655/2013 establishing common criteria to be met by claims relating to cosmetic products are set” it makes it clear that those attributed to beauty products properties must be scientifically tested, what we find on the commercial surfaces is surreal. What pisses me off is that pharmacies give pabulum to these nonsense and advertise them even in their shop windows.

What is that of the genoscosmetics that is advertised in pharmacies? It seems that it is a “special cosmetics that act directly on the genes reaching the heart of the cell” … with a pair. Dear pharmacist, in what scientific article have you read that by applying an ointment our genes or DNA are modified? But I go further. Can anyone explain to me why there is such a brutal rejection of genetically modified foods but we are able to spend a fortune on creams that claim to alter our genes? I do not understand anything…

  1. Non-transgenic potato chips.

Thanks to Fernando Frías I had access to this amazing image. It is a pharmacy where chips are sold. Yes, chips. But do not believe that they are normal chips. Hold on that curves come. San Nicasio potatoes are cooked over low heat with Spanish non-transgenic potatoes, Sal Rosa del Himalaya and the best extra virgin olive oil.

Four things bother me about these potatoes. The first is that I do not understand very well the nationality of the potato. Is it important that some potatoes intended to be fried are Spanish? From any specific region? The second factor that baffles me is that they use the term “non-transgenic” as a way to attract the consumer. But we had not been left with the genocosmetics that act with the genes mola? The third is that they advertise with a hype and a saucer that the potatoes are made with Himalayan salt . That is good? Why? What does salt from the Himalayas do not provide a normal salt from my beloved Salinas in San Pedro del Pinatar? But what worries me most about these chips is … what the hell do they do in a pharmacy?

  1. 0% toxic infant milk.

When I was getting past the anger I find this sent me Arkaitz Lóciga from Pamplona and I go back to piss off. It is a pharmacy where they sell a “healthier” and 0% toxic infant milk… with a pair.

What is the subliminal message received by the person who comes to that pharmacy to buy milk for their baby? In my opinion it is clearer than water: “the rest of the milks are not 0% toxic … you will know what you buy” . Dear pharmacist, has your head gone? Do we really need to reach these extremes to sell more? Of course, a person with very bad “milk” might think that this aggressive publicity may have something to do with this brand selling organic children’s products at DOUBLE price than their conventional counterparts. Or not?

  1. Food supplements not to get fat.

The thing about food supplements is laughter. The strategy of the asterisk is at ease in pharmacies … and if not ask the king of pharmacies, the famous Triptomax , where tryptophan has not shown any efficacy as I told you here . But within the supplements there are some that worry me greatly: those designed to lose weight.

As you all know, Spain occupies one of the first places in the world in the sad classification of obesity, both adult and child. Well, pharmacies not only sell a large number of food supplements that promise to help lower weight, but in their windows you can read that thanks to some of them “gluttony is no longer a sin”

Dear pharmacists, pharmacies are one of the most respected places in society. Do not let this change . It is not worth shielding in that all the products that they sell are legal, in which the AEMPS allows them or that the doctors prescribe some. Neither in that if they do not sell them insurance that in another pharmacy they will do it. You are not mere dependents. They are professionals who have studied many years of career and know what lies behind these products. In addition, it is assumed that they know perfectly the regulations behind each one of them and the strategies used by trademarks to follow the law.

Please, do not frighten the population with chemophobic or anti-biotechnology messages, do not sell things that you know are useless, do not confuse the population, and, far from it, endanger the health of any citizen. In this post I have shown you that there are pharmacies where they do it and I assure you that they are not isolated examples. Respect their profession and denounce those who do not … we will all win.

What I believe that the awareness program should be launched to acquaint people regarding the use of ethical and unethical medicines. Considering the high ratio of unethical medicines usage, a customer satisfaction survey by Riteaid has been performed last year, the poll clearly indicates the 60% rise in the use of unethical medicines, which is the highest ever from all the previous years.

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