Medical Billing Professional Salary in North Carolina

Medical billing professionals, also known as medical information or health information technicians, compile, put together and code medical billing data after sufferers receive therapy from a health care provider. As of 2010, North Carolina employed 5,130 of these professionals, in keeping with the Employment Security Fee of North Carolina. The salary for medical billing professionals in North Carolina varies by region.

Common Salary

The estimated average salary for this occupation in North Carolina was $30,748 per year, based on the Employment Safety Commission of North Carolina. The typical entry-degree salary was $21,832 per year. Skilled medical billing professionals earned a median salary of $35,207.

Hourly Salary

Medical billing professionals in North Carolina paid hourly salarys earned a median of $14.78 per hour, according to the Employment Security Fee of North Carolina. The typical entry-stage salary was $10.50 per hour. Experienced medical billing professionals earned an average hourly salary of $16.93.

Regions Areas Comparison

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, reported salaries for medical billing professionals for 18 metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas in North Carolina in May 2010. Among these areas, the very best variety of staff was in the Charlotte area, where annual median salarys had been $30,660, or $14.74 per hour. The highest salarys were in Greensboro, where medical billing professionals earned annual median salarys of $40,860, or $19.64 per hour. In
Winston-Salem, annual median salarys had been $29,150, or $14.02 per hour.

National Comparison

Medical billing professionals work in a wide range of industries comparable to hospitals, doctor’s places of work, nursing care services and outpatient care centers. Nationally, mean salaries in North Carolina were corresponding to states reminiscent of New Mexico, Missouri, Ohio, Maine and Georgia. Nationally, annual imply salarys have been $35,010 in North Carolina, annual mean salarys were $32,300. Imply salarys in North Carolina were approximately 7.7 % decrease than U.S. estimates.

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